Introduction to Android development

android_developmentWelcome, You’re entering the world of Android development. In this introduction to Android development, I will give you an overview of the various aspects about Android OS in general and about what you should expect in this tutorial series.

Why should you develop for Android?

Android has a share of about 87% in the smartphone OS market according to the latest statistics. And it is the fastest growing smartphone platform. Therefore Android development is future proof, which means its boom is not going to diminish anywhere in the near future. Another important thing about Android development is that the language used for development is Java- the most powerful and the most popular language. So these are the two strong reasons for why one should develop for Android. The scope and Simplicity to learn.

How is Android development done?

The main languages used for Android development are XML and Java. The XML is used to design The User Interface (UI) and Java is used for programming (defining the functionality). We can use Java for the UI designing also, but it’s a pain. So, it’s the best method to define UI in XML and then call it to inflate its contents to the screen. The language Kotlin (developed by JetBrains) is also an officially supported language for Android development. But I don’t recommend it because of the lack of resources in Kotlin. Java is used for Android development for several years now so the resources to learn it are readily available. Also if you feel some difficulty when developing, you can get support very easy from forums like Stackoverflow if you’re using Java.

Who should read this tutorial?

You don’t need to have any programming experience in Android. But to be a good Android developer, you should be having a good understanding of Java. You need not be an expert Java programmer or something, but some knowledge about the object-oriented programming concept and basic programming skills are desired.

What is the best way to learn Android development?

There’s no shortcut to success. You have to follow your passion and work hard to reach success. When it comes to Android development, all you have to do is coding.  The way of learning varies for each other. The method that works for me to learn programming is by doing projects. That is the method I advise. When you learn a new concept, try to do a simple project which makes use of that concept. That way you’ll be able to understand it more quickly and effectively. The more you practice, the better you will get. I’m trying to include as many examples as I can in this tutorial. Start working through those codes and exercises until you get comfortable in each topic. Its a good practice to do experimenting with the code, alter it and try to add more functionality, that is the best way to quickly learn any language. Work hard, be patient and never give up, that is the formula to success.

What’s in this Tutorial?

In this tutorial series, I will walk you through the basics of Android programming to the advanced topics in a step-by-step and brain-friendly way. Before diving into the programming, first I will cover some key concepts of the Android OS that a developer should know.

The ultimate aim of this tutorial is to make any absolute beginners able to write, compile and publish their own Android apps.

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I wish all the readers a happy learning.

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