Install Android Studio

Android Studio is the IDE for making Android applications. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It has all the tools required for developing an application. It is based on IntelliJ, a very popular Java IDE by JetBrains. It doesn’t matter which OS you’re using. Android Studio is available for Windows, Linux, or Mac.

I’m not going to write the step by step instructions for how to install Android Studio because the procedure is pretty straightforward and may change from time to time. So here’s a guideline of what to do.

  • Download JDK from here
  • Download Android Studio from here
  • Install JDK
  • Set path of Java folder if you’re using Windows
  • Install Android Studio

Setting the path of Java home

In Windows, you should set the path of the Java folder. Here’s what you should do.

Got to the path of the bin folder of your Java installation. Most probably this is: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-10.0.2\bin

Copy the path

Now right click on the computer icon on the desktop

Select Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced tab -> Environment variables

Under User variables, select Path

Click Edit ->New

Paste the copied Java path OK->OK->OK

For Linux users:

Just download Android studio compressed file and run the file in the bin folder.

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